Lovely Juniper Luxury Smudge Bundle- - Blessings, Clear Negative Energies, Smudge, Healing

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Juniper Smudge Mix
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Lovely Juniper Luxury Smudge Bundle- - Blessings, Clear Negative Energies, Smudge, Healing

Beautiful and fresh luxurious smudge stick!

Approx. 8.5" x 1.3"

Contains: Juniper

Tied very well, will not untie!! Easy to unroll and burn without coming apart!! Easy to use.

Smudge stick used for cleansing and rituals of healing and protection. It dispels negative energies. Often used in blessings.

To use, light leaf on fire and blow out, using the smoke only to energetically cleanse yourself, objects such as crystals, or other personal items, or your house to rid of negative energies. Use as often as desired.

As with all smudges, sacred incense resins, herbs & wood, exercise caution when lighting and burning. Always use a heat proof container that is placed on a nonflammable surface and always keep away from children, pets and flammable items. Please take caution and care when burning.  Not to be used for medical advise.  Sold as a curio.


Rose Petals add a beautiful, feminine, gentle loving touch in energy and visual appeal.


Gender- Male
Element- Fire
Planetary Association-Jupiter

It is considered to be a protective herb, and specifically guards against theft. Wearing a sprig of Juniper is believed to protect the wearer from accidents and wild animal attacks. Hung at your door, it’s said to protect you and your home from evil forces, evil people, ghosts and sickness.

Juniper has been used as incense for a very long time, and used in exorcisms, to help psychic powers, to break hexes and curses and to attract good, healthy energies.
When added to love mixtures, or amulets, it is believed to increase male potency. Dried Juniper berries can be strung together like beads for a simple amulet or charm. The berries of this herb, if added to sachets, will protect the wearer from accidents and theft, as well as from attacks from wild animals and snakes. If Juniper is grown by your doorstep, or hung at your front door it is said that the home will be protected against evil forces and persons.

From the point of view of witches and occultists, the juniper’s most common use is in the making of incense, for which both the dried berries and needles and the essential oil are used. The berries, having a relatively high oil content, tend to burn with a good deal of smoke and any incense containing them is likely to produce a good fog if that is what appeals to you.

For Manifestation: for incense intended for use in rituals where manifestation is an important part of the working, i.e. evocations, where oodles of smoke are helpful to the working.

Purification - as an incense or “smudge” in most rituals of purification, including the blessing of houses and other buildings and for dedicating new working areas and temples; for animals (eg welcoming and dedicating new familiars); and for purifying people, for example baby-blessing ceremonies, initiations etc. A small bunch of twigs or a few berries in a pouch can also be hung in the rafters of a building or over the lintel of the doorway as a longer-term protection.

The largest body of folklore concerning juniper comes from Iceland where it was traditionally believed that juniper and rowan could not grow together because each creates so much heat that one or other of the trees would be burn up. For the same reason it was considered not a good idea to bring sprigs of both woods into the house together unless you particularly wanted your house to burn down. Another Icelandic belief has it that if you are building a boat, you must either use both juniper and rowan wood or use neither of them in the boat, otherwise it will sink.