Rhodizite 3 pcs - High Vibrational Crystal

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Rhodizite 3 pcs - High Vibrational Crystal
Rhodizite- High Vibrational Crystal Rhodizite is a very small stone which has an incredibly high frequency. It is formed as a Dodecahedron, one of the Platonic Solids, the building blocks of all Creation. The Dodecahedron has 12 sides, and represents the Universe and Ethers, encompassing all the other solids representing Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. This completeness gives the shape tremendous intensity and power. It's no wonder, then, that the Rhodizite crystal has a very high energetic intensity. The primary feature of Rhodizite crystals is that they are amplifiers of energy, as they hold Solar power. You can hold a Rhodizite and another crystal together, and the second crystal's energy is vastly multiplied, without changing the inherent properties of that crystal. Rhodizites can also very quickly clear and align all chakras, and activate primarily the higher chakras--third eye, crown, and transpersonal. They also have a profound effect on clearing the Heart, and working on the Solar Plexus, to provide empowerment and manifestation of Will. With their amplifying effect, they can greatly assist with helping one to manifest their intents in the physical realm. Rhodizites also elevate mood by bringing high frequency energy into the emotional body, creating a sense of bliss, joy, and upliftment. They create a purification process that helps to put the body in harmony and balance, and also clear the path for Lightbody integration. Rhodizite is beneficial if you feel like you need a physical and emotional house cleaning :) It will clear out anything that is blocking you from feeling a sense of peace, balance, and contentment. It is also wonderful to take prior to meditation or any time you would like to connect to very high frequency energy, and activate your higher chakras, and psychic abilities. Also, if you are working on manifestation, it can help as well. Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Transpersonal Effects: Increased manifestation, chakra clearing and alignment, higher chakra activation, light body anchoring, elevated mood Rhodozite is helpful to aid your body to heal from a number of health issues. As mentioned above, it is a good aid for mood related problems, including for depression and anxiety, and may boost how you feel, as its vibration can help you emotionally. This crystal is said to be a natural orgone generator. It is known that a lack of orgone can cause you to get sick, so improving its level naturally by using this stone may improve your health. This crystal is also said to aid the healing of headaches, especially ones related to liver problems, and to help the health of the eyes. As well its action in the area of the brain is said to aid the healing of issues related to strokes and tumors. It is also said to be a comforting crystal for anyone who is terminally ill to use, to assist them to make a deeper spiritual connection and to make peace with both themselves and Spirit before they pass over. Sale is for 3 pieces - Approx. 4-5mm